When it comes to God and how to include Him in our lives, so many possibilities exist!  Some of us are content to wonder about this from time to time, but never really take action.  Others begin to suffer from the wonder, and take some action to resolve the nagging feeling they have about God.   Yet others never wonder about this at all, because they simply have had no opportunity to learn about God, or they have made an effort to exclude God from their lives.  Interestingly, if you are honest with yourself, at different times in your life, you may have been in all of these possibilities!  If you find yourself not really sure where you are, making a mind map really helps identify where you have questions about God, or what action you have taken to grow closer to Him (or why it might improve your life to take ANY action that has to do with prayer!).  As we journey together through life, we can help one another to grow in our prayer life and faith by sharing our particular insights.  Here, you will find inspiration from the lives of the saints as well as from the lives of those around you, either by reading/making comments here or by joining the free, public Art2Pray Facebook Group.  Yes, doing both is fine.  Blessings to you in prayer!,


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