Sometimes, you just don’t know what you don’t know!  You may have heard this before, and you may think, yes that applies to knowledge, like knowing how to use Calculus to solve a problem.  You are right, in more than just that way, though.  That phrase applies to many types of knowledge. For example, in emotional knowledge, you cannot know what it is like to lose a parent or child until you have passed through that situation yourself.  Another area would be knowing how to best care for and use your body.  Just think of all the different diets out there!  Which one is right for you?  Hard to know until you try!  With regard to God, since He is infinite, your search for knowledge is never-ending and full of surprises. It is a search best made in many ways on many levels.  Yes, God is present in the everyday details of your life.  Yet, sometimes you feel like God is not there!  It is at those times, or when you feel most overwhelmed that a mini-seminar on a new skill, such as how to quiet your mind using your hands and eyes, or a longer retreat on prayer through art may give you just the time and space you need to bring peace, perspective and the knowing God is there every moment back into your everyday life.  Feel free to comment below on a retreat that made an impact in your life.  One of my earliest memories of a retreat was one called Search, that I made in high school.  The directors asked us to fill in a paper cut in the shape of a person with what we felt identified us as people on one side.  Then others were invited to tell how they identified us on the back side.  Boy, did I learn lots about what I thought of myself and about what others thought about me (and how they didn’t exactly match right up! (Smiling as I remember!)


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