Why link prayer and drawing?

Both activities have a positive effect on the brain, and combined, they could possibly have a greater effect for peace by engaging more areas of the brain.We know that meditation increases brain activity, by looking at the image to the right, where areas in red are the most active.

Image from:  http://www.andrewnewberg.com/research/


Please feel free to comment below on what you learned AND ask any questions you may have.    Please know this has been simplified and those of you who are neurologists, please feel free to add in information!  

Discovering more about the wonders of our brains helps build our faith in our God, as we see the miracle in their complexity.

This middle image shows an alcoholic’s brain, to the left and a normal brain to the right.

Basically, increased activity is desirable, as you can decide for yourself, when you know that blue is inactive and green is active.  (from:  https://img.medscapestatic.com/pi/meds/ckb/06/29606tn.jpg

Images showing results like this are easily found upon a Google image search for many drugs, and give us a visual explanation for the strange behavior we see in drug addicts.  As one observes these images, possibly a desire to care for and nuture the brain will form!  Drawing or coloring slowly with intention is one way to give your brain nuturing.

Does drawing increase brain activity? Above is the brain of a person with Speech Dementia while drawing.  In all images, the patient shows great brain activity, despite the Dementia.  If an impaired brain experiences more activity upon drawing, then a well  brain will be even more active due to a greater connections within it. The authors of this study noticed that drawers must suspend activity in the front, judgemental area of their brains to be truly creative!  (see:  http://www.openaccessjournals.com/peer-review/changes-in-painting-patterns-in-an-illiterate-individual-with-artistic-behavior-comparisons-of-brain-network-blood-flow-by-spect-s.html )




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