The paper chosen by Breeze Printing allows coloring with a wise range of markers and pens! Each person chooses according to personaIf precision is your goal, then use very sharp pencils. PaperMate Clearpoints come in 6 colors at .5 size to give mechanical pencil lovers, who like tiny lines, and dislike sharpening. Those of you using regular colored pencils need to know to always sharpen by hand. Mechanical sharpeners may twist the lead of the pencils since they are softer than than regular pencils, causing them to break, and then fall out later as you use up the pencil. Remember the rolling technique in the video on the Books page will help you keep the tip of a pencil sharper longer. Some sets of colored markers come in .3 tip width, which allows for brilliant color and precise application.

For those who love boldness and broader strokes, choose .7 and 1.0 widths for the tips of pens and markers. Gel pens are generally found in these wider widths. Markers are also generally wider as you can see in the photo above.

One type of marker that bleeds through and should not be used unless you put a couple of pieces of scrap paper or a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper under where you color is . . .you guessed it: Sharpies – even the fine tips!

This drawing is not by the author. The early purchasers are starting to send in their work with questions. This person generously allowed me to post this piece. She reported using a timer because she had so much fun in the fifteen minutes she worked on this, she knew she would lose track of time!

Her question was whether she could mix pens, gel pens markers and colored pencils. That prompted me to make the picture collage you see on the left to go beyond just saying yes. You are welcome to go to the Facebook page, Art2Pray, use the visit group button, post your coloring and ask questions. I check Facebook in the morning after 9 am and evening no later than 9 pm everyday but Sunday. I use a timer and always check the group first. If you are not into Facebook, tag me @Art2Pray on Instagram. Finally, good old e-mail is fine: Blessings to all!