This book is not on Amazon due to cost in part. However, reasons beyond cost pushed the decision to self-publish a real book and not an e-book.  Self-publishing is fast. It gives complete freedom for content.  It allows me to seek reviews from people in this field of prayer.  Testing the market for this very specialized project is much less expensive.  Obtaining an ISBN is not difficult, nor horribly time-consuming.  

Why not an e-book?  They are so much less expensive.  So true!  However, this particular book needed to be published in a traditional paper format with the special binding to allow it to lay flat.  It’s water resistant cover and higher quality paper are the result of private on-demand printing that offered these enhancements unavailable through services like Lulu (a free online book publisher).  In addition, if you are up to date on some of the research, making sure to have some non-digital activities in your daily routine is a good idea.  (Just as an example,see Simon Sinek’s talk on Millennials:  And see these counterpoints: )  The Art2Pray meditative coloring books will always be published on paper.  For those of you who wish to integrate them into your digital life, the Facebook group supports you, and you are welcome to post photos on Instagram and tag @art2pray.  Post comments and reviews on this blog and on the Facebook page.  Use the digital media responsibly to encourage others and to establish communication.  These are its highest and best uses.  Full disclosure:  Although I use technology, it is my belief that spending too much time surrounded by noise and overstimulated by technology can keep us away from God.  I limit my use!

If we lose connection to the real, to the spiritual, to the moment, to our physical body, mind, heart and soul, then we take away chances for joy to surge through our being. We become numb to its warmth.  Cold and frigid to the fire of love.  Reconnect with yourself this year.  Reconnect yourself to God.  Spend time with Him every day in silence.  Choose the way that works best for you, or choose a variety of ways, and above all, choose silence where you can hear His voice.

Allow your heart to burn with love as you center in on the soft sound of marker or pencil on paper.  Think of God coloring your soul in His magnificent heavenly colors.  Feel the softness of the paper, or make a soft stroke with a marker or pencil.  Just as gently, He will guide you if you let Him.  Smell the smell of an essential oil that you put on the paper.  Imagine the smells of heaven.  Enjoy the sense of timelessness.  See a glimmer of eternity.  Sometimes, I like to beg God to just let me paint flowers in His heavenly garden.  Dust them with light, His light.  Touch them softly with a heavenly marker or pencil.  


Get carried away by real.  No ebook can give you this same experience!  Comment below with your opinion about technology and your experience with the book or the cards used for Art2Pray meditative coloring.


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