Photo of Laura Woford working at design desk

Here is where you get help when you either can’t pray or wish for more focus during prayer.  We all get distracted and that is normal.  Having a simple tool to help limit those distractions (or control your emotions!) may just make the difference you want to get more peace and joy during your prayer time.  Here, you will explore simple art techniques anyone can learn, and create connections between your heart mind, soul, and body that will help prepare you for a deeper connection with God.

Facts about me:  Prayer warrior (according to others) Teacher (Spanish, English, and Art – since 1984), Catechist Levels 1 and 2 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Wife, mother, daughter – you get it, family is important!  Slowly taking courses in Avila Foundation’s School of Spiritual Formation, because we all need to spend time with others who push us to know God better!

E-mail me, admin@art2pray OR if you have an urgent matter, call 913-735-9107.  Artfully yours in prayer!

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