Try Coloring and Prayer!

Medit 16 ref

Get coloring hints and the first meditation and its drawing from the first book, Coloring Meditations for a Full Life to begin a more focused prayer life.

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Video tour of Coloring Meditations for a Full Life, the first book to left. UPDATE:  Being published in Spanish soon!

This first book in the series gives you special insights and understanding of St. Teresa of Avila, a recognized authority on prayer, who persisted in prayer and wrote about what she did. Here you read  her life using short meditations and calligraphy with drawings. Get closer to God using simple coloring techniques found on the Art2Pray YouTube channel and on the page for this book, where you can buy it.   Enjoy your sample!

Requests for the second book are already coming in as people are seeing the first book.  Working title:  The Secret Life of Our Mother Mary. Please comment below with your biggest burning questions about Mary, or what you most treasure about her, or what question you have about her – and receive 20% off when the book is ready!