This book is for you if:

  • You love St. Teresa (of Avila/Jesus), and want to know more.  If you have found her writing difficult, rest assured, the quotes have been modernized!
  • You love to pray.
  • You love to doodle, draw or color.
  • You know you need to relax, but you feel guilty if you only relax and you want to DO something that gives you peace and wisdom as you relax.

If you are in Rome, GA, Last Stop Gift Shop will continue to have some copies on hand.

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Price: $25.00, no shipping 

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Com back here and look below!  Left:  register below to the left to receive your first recording of the of the Meditations so you can listen and color (They will continue to come to you, too!).  Right:  a helpful coloring video gives you techniques to inrease brain engagement as you color.  More of these on the Art2Pray YouTube channel!