Our travelers (or:  who would LOVE to go!)

  • seek God in a deep way.
  • use their trips to dig deep into prayer.
  • pursue activities that will push them to pray and reflect in new ways. 
  • are fish out of its water – imagine how we will be fish out of water in heaven!
  • Reserve me as your prayer adviser below.

Below, you can pay now to reserve my services as your prayer adviser for the  June, 2019 trip on the last 100 km of the Camino.  Looking forward to helping you grow in prayer, closeness to Jesus, joy, and peace.  Your $500 includes one on one time of prayer with me as needed, all materials needed to enhance your journey and my language services as a bilingual person.

Discover your Soul on the Camino de Santiago, June 2019 – Dates to be announced. Get on the list to get the latest!

 Image from June 2016 trip.  Living totally differently from your day-to- day life gives you a window to your soul.  Find great peace and joy.  Take them back with you.

Bonuses:  The food and wine are wonderful.  The people are amazing . . .and yet, even the most seasoned traveler will find challenges leading to deep, lasting growth in his or her spiritual life.